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Benefits of Life Insurance for Maximum Protection

Benefits of Life Insurance for Maximum Protection

There are still many doubts about the importance of using life insurance. Not a few people think that insurance is only for the upper middle class. For you to understand, insurance is important in life because we will not know the future that will be faced. You will enjoy the benefits of life insurance if you realize that the life we ​​run requires maximum protection.

Based on the type, insurance has different benefits. In general, all types of insurance have the same benefits. Some of the benefits of life insurance that you might understand can change your mind about life insurance, including:

1. As protection from the risk of death

The most important benefit in life insurance is that it can protect you from various forms of disaster risk that can occur in the future. For example, if the head of the family dies due to an accident or illness that causes the loss of livelihood, life insurance will pay a sum of money for the responsibility for the disaster that occurred.

2. The heirs will be sure of their life

Life insurance plays a role in ensuring the heirs to re-run life after being abandoned. This benefit can help you provide certainty in preparing for future heirs, such as children’s education and family finances as heirs will be protected.

3. Help financially well

In your family’s financial planning, life insurance plays an important role in financial planning. You’ll get used to having a commitment to save a little of your income so you can pay for life insurance on a regular basis. Therefore, you will be more efficient and wise in managing finances.

4. Gives a sense of calm and security

In running life, no one knows what our fate will be in the future. By having life insurance, it means that you have prepared ways to deal with problems that will occur in the future. You will feel more calm and secure because life insurance will cover your financial losses or your heirs.

5. Life protection benefits

Maybank Indonesia has a life insurance product, namely MyProtection JiwaGarda. Life insurance issued by Maybank Indonesia is useful in protecting life. If during the insurance period the Insured dies for any reason, Allianz will pay the Sum Assured benefit of five hundred times the monthly premium.

6. No claim bonus
Insurance from Maybank Indonesia, namely MyProtection JiwaGarda together with Allianz, will also provide a bonus if the Insured is still alive until the end of the insurance period of 80% of the total premium paid.

7. Additional protection
For Myprotection JiwaGarda customers, you will get an additional three years of life insurance protection with terms and conditions that are fully regulated in the policy.

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